PADHAT meets impact absorption standards

At the heart of everything we do is a crystal-clear mission: to offer a product that can help protect thousands of kids worldwide. For us, it's not just about making bold claims but proving their real-world effectiveness through scientific evidence and testing.

Demonstrating that PADHAT hats can shield a child's head and reduce the risk of severe head injuries is a top priority for us, which is why we undertook impact tests at ICS Laboratories, Inc. (USA).

The padding of our protective hats underwent rigorous testing, adhering to NOCSAE* and ASTM F1446-2020** standards.

Impact absorption tests

The test results demonstrate that PADHAT's padding meets the ASTM F1446-2020 standards. Moreover, we can proudly say that our innovative protective hats exceed NOCSAE's highest requirements for athletic equipment headgear.

While it's essential to understand that our hat isn't a helmet, the padding – as confirmed by the test results – possesses exceptional impact resistance. In simpler terms, the padded areas seamlessly align with high-performance athletic soft-shell headgear, such as a rugby cap.

Picture this: your child's head is shielded every day by a layer of protection that's scientifically proven to reduce the risk of serious head injuries, all without the bulk of a traditional helmet. Sounds promising, doesn't it?


*NOCSAE - National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.
**ASTM F1446-2020 - Standard Test Methods for Equipment and Procedures Used in Evaluating the Performance Characteristics of Protective Headgear.

Tests performed at ICS Laboratories, Inc. - 1072 Industrial Parkway North, Brunswick, Ohio, 44212, USA.